Sunday, April 17, 2011

RSPCA Fundraiser Result

So sorry not to have posted the result of the RSPCA Queensland fundraising afternoon earlier, but life has been busy. We had 30 lovely ladies attend the afternoon for 3 hours of fun and five projects to make and a scrumptious afternoon tea! There were lots of displays for ideas, awesome raffle prizes and also door prizes. We had some fantastic donations of prizes from Little Farm Designs and also Stampin' Up! plus Diane brought along some wonderful fresh produce for donation.

Lots of busy ladies being very industrious. Isn't it a lovely venue, fortunately the St.James Anglican Church donated the venue gratis for the afternoon - how lovely was that!

and did I mention the awesome afternoon tea - a very big thank you to Michelle, Diane, Sue and Catherine for helping with all the food. I was also fortunate to borrow items from Annette & Michelle as I just didn't have enough of some items to supply five tables at once!

The grand total that has been donated to the RSPCA Queensland to go a small way to helping them recover after the devastating floods, cyclones and other natural disasters that this year has seen 99% of the state declared a natural disaster zone was $701.26. So thank you very much to everyone who helped, especially Catherine for setting up the displays and Michelle for helping everyone with their projects. Hope you enjoyed it!

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  1. It was such a lovely afternoon Ann, thanks so much for putting it all together!
    Annette xxx