Sunday, May 22, 2011

Scrapbook Photography

Okay so I'm not a veteran scrapbooker, I tend to only make pages for the classes I am teaching, consequently most rarely have photographs on the layouts - which is not to say I don't have a zillion photos waiting to be scrapbooked, it's just a case of time anemia and a phobia of cutting photos (I have the same phobia about ripping book pages!). Anyway my husband is the photographer in our house and I tend to be a bit of a point and shoot photographer and go on the basis that since digital cameras were invented I just take lots of pictures and figure one is bound to turn out okay!
However it is National Scrapbooking month so I wanted to share some good photography tips with you I found over on the Kodak website (if you click on the picture underneath each tip number an explanation and example will pop up - I'm a very visual learner so for me this was a good basic website for me to start to try and improve my photography).
Kodak's Top Ten Photo Tips are:
  1. Get down on their level
  2. Use a plain background
  3. Use the flash outdoors
  4. Move in close to the subject
  5. Take some vertical pictures
  6. Lock the focus
  7. Move the subject away from the middle
  8. Know your flash's range
  9. Watch the light
  10. Direct or rearrange your subjects
So I am going to do my best to incorporate at least a few of these tips into my photography in the next few months so fingers crossed you might even be seeing more layouts with photos in them! 

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