Sunday, February 6, 2011

Felt Flowers

Since we've had a very long and hot summer, I've been a bit more indoors than normal and was watching some You Tube videos recently and got inspired to make some fabric flowers using the ever versatile Big Shot!

Pretty cute hey! I made the yellow one into a hair clip and the others I'm debating upon using as either a bag embellishment or on a headband. They are approximately 4" in diameter and are so easy to make - the red one I sewed entirely during my sons 30 minute swimming lesson this morning and still had time to watch him and chat to one of the other parents! They were made entirely using the Circles #2 die, 5 of the large circles, 5 of the medium circles, 3 of the small circles make the petals. An extra medium circle covers all the bits on the back and then I cut one green extra large circle for the leaves (cut an entire circle, cut in half and put back through the circle die to cut into leaf shapes - if that doesn't make sense I'll take some photos and add it to this post later). I also used a designer button for the flower centres (apart from the red flower - thats a button from my button box - I don't have the brights button collection yet!). Here's the back of the hair clip one - you can see the leaves better on this photo too.

Accessories: Big Shot, Circles #2 die, Designer buttons
Non SU: Felt, thread, needle, hair clip, scissors.

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  1. ooh these are cool! I always wanted one of those big shots (I guess I can cut the circles by hand though) how cute!