Saturday, March 24, 2012

Dying Bakers Twine - Video Tutorial

It's really easy to turn plain white Baker's Twine (an absolute bargain at $4.95 for ~23m) into co-ordinating twine for your projects. Watch Stampin' Up! Emily Montoya as she shows you in less than 2 minutes how to do this cool technique.

Dyeing Instructions:

1. Create a mixture using rubbing alcohol and any color of our Classic Stampin' Ink refills in an empty button/brad container. 
A good starting ratio is one tablespoon of alcohol to one drop of ink refill (you can adjust from there to get the right color intensity for your project). 
2. Place the Baker's Twine in the mixture allowing enough time for the dye to fully soak the twine. 
3. Lay the dyed twine on a clean paper towel to dry completely.
4. Use on your project

If you want to order the Bakers twine, contact me today.

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