Friday, December 2, 2011

December Frenzy Sale - Up to 50% off!!!!!!!!!!!

So did you enjoy the blog hop yesterday? December not only heralded the arrival of the new Summer mini Catalogue (you can see the PDF of it here or email me and I'll post one to you), but it also was the first day of the December Frenzy sale! Lots of lovely products, some up to 50% off, so if you are looking for a bargain or a last minute gift for a crafty friend or yourself (yes I am happy to gift wrap items for you) contact me with your order today! To guarantee delivery before Christmas I would have to have your order before the 11th of December to allow for shipping time.

Please note that the warehouse has a limited number of these awesome items available for this promotion.  Once that number has been exhausted, the products WILL return to normal catalogue price.  Be in quick if something you love is in the discount list! 

Welcome Christmas                                               pg 22  (W)  50% off            NOW   $24.98
Welcome Christmas                                               pg 22  (C)   50% off            NOW   $19.98
I {Heart} Hearts                                                       pg 28  (W)  40% off            NOW   $25.77 
Got Treats                                                              pg 35   (W)  40% off           NOW   $24.57
Something Sweet                                                    pg 42  (W)  40% off            NOW   $26.97
For Everything                                                        pg 46  (W)  40% off            NOW   $28.77
Cottage Garden                                                      pg 67  (W)  50% off             NOW   $16.48
Every Moment                                                        pg 72  (W)  40% off             NOW    $19.17
Awash with Flowers                                                pg 74   (W) 40% off             NOW   $43.17
Friends Never Fade                                                 pg 75   (W) 50% off             NOW   $15.98
Friends Never Fade                                                pg 75   (C)  50% off             NOW   $15.57
Ornate Blossoms                                                   pg 75   (W)  40% off            NOW   $11.97
Clearly For You                                                      pg 88   (W)  40% off            NOW   $28.77
Chloe Stampin' Around Builder Wheel                     pg 96  40% off                      NOW   $5.97
Padded Envelopes                                                 pg 126  30% off                    NOW $3.90
Poppy Parade 1/2" (1.3cm) Stitched-Poly ribbon      pg 138  30% off                   NOW $11.87
Blushing Bride 1/2" (1.3cm) Stitched-Poly ribbon     pg 138  30% off                   NOW $11.87
Regals Flower Brads                                             pg 143  30% off                   NOW  $11.87
Neutrals Flower Brads                                           pg 143  30% off                   NOW $11.87
Distressing Essentials                                           pg 147  30% off                   NOW $26.57
Craft and Rubber Scissors                                     pg 149  30% off                   NOW $26.57
Circle Scissor Plus Glass Mat                                pg 149  30% off                   NOW $26.57

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