Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Colour Renovation!

I have some BIG news to share with you today! Stampin' Up! have announced that with the arrival of our new Idea Book & Catalogue in September, we'll see a huge colour renovation. Some of the beautiful colours will be retiring, some retired “in” colours are returning and we’ll be getting five new colours all to be rationalizaed into four colour collections. Primarily the change is because colour trends change over time and the colour palette needed an update too. Extensive research went into this over the past two years. The second reason they are doing this is because customers and demonstrators asked for it! Some of the “in” colours have been so popular that many of us people have asked for them to be bought back, in some way. Now they have listened!

So what does this mean – well at the moment there are “in” colours, neutrals, bold brights, soft subtles, rich regals and earth elements so lots of colours and lots of confusion and some colours in the mixed packs well let’s face it they never get used! From the 1st of September the neutrals and “in” colours will be incorporated into the colour collections, so no more trying to figure out exactly where the “in” colours fit!

The colours that are retiring are below or you can click here to see a larger PDF of them. Now you might be like me and sad to see some of them go, but not to fear…you have LOADS of time to stock up on any or all of them before they are gone and once you see the new colours some of the disappointment will ease! All of these colours will be available until August 31st! If you already have an ink pad in one of these colours I would strongly encourage you to get the reinkers to match if you haven't already, or maybe a few packs of the papers that you love as once these colours are gone, they will not be returning.

Now onto the exciting new colours and the colour renovation of the colour families into colllections.....earth elements and neutrals have undergone such a huge revamp that they have vanished as entities in their own right, but have been incorporated into the reorganised collections. There will be 40 core colours in the collections rather than the original 48 in the colour families, but the new "in" colour program will make up the balance. The new core collections of colours are below or you can click here for a PDF of them.
There are also clanges to the "in" colour program, from the 1st of September we will get 5 new "in" colours and they will remain with us for TWO years instead of the previous ONE year. This means that we’ll have 5 new "in" colours in September 2010, which will be there until September 2012, in September 2011, we’ll get 5 more "in" colours that will also be with us for two years, so a total of 10 In Colours from September 2011 onwards. Add those in to your 40 Core Colours and there will be 50 colours total, more than enough to create soem wonderful projects.

If you have any questions or concerns about the new colour renovation, please don't hesitate to contact me and I will do my best to answer your questions. In the mean time I'm too busy playing with items from the new mini catalogue to be too sad about soem of the colours that are retiring as I'm already looking forward to some of the new ones coming!!

Happy stamping


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