Saturday, March 27, 2010

Stamping Sponges

Well I saw this idea whilst blog surfing last month at Chic'n Scratch and Angie was really nice and went to the trouble of makign an instruction video and everything on this.

Basically I have issues with nude cardstock edges, I simply love to sponge the edges of items. When I am stamping on my own I know which colour I have used where on a sponge, but it's more challenging when there are lots of excited participants doing a make & take at a workshop and colours get mixed up! So the simple solution of course was to buy one sponge for each ink pad.......but even though the Stamping Sponges #101610 are cheap at just $6.50 for a pack of three - it would still work out expensive when multiplied by all the gorgeous SU colours available and then store them all! So I enlisted the aid of my trusty scalpel (ex lab rat habit) and sliced each of them into 6 pieces, to give me handy little wedges. To prevent deterioration of the thin wedge part and make it easier for workshop/class participants to find the right colour sponge piece for the right ink pad quickly I used some scrap cardstock in the co-ordinating ink colour and punched out a round tab in each colour #108340, handwrote the name on each and stapled them on - the picture says it all

It was one of those really simple things that makes life so much easier and makes me wonder why I didn't think of it first! No more cross contamination of sponges, easy to find, use and hold and as for storage, well thanks to another friend who very generously gave me some yummy ferrero rocher chocolates that came in a nice hard plastic box, I threw out the chocolates (only kidding) and now all of my little sponges are neatly stored away.

Happy creating,

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